Vennings Maxifill Triple Bin Seed & Super Unit


Illustrated 21' Triple Compartment Maxifill Seed, Super & Urea Bin with tubulator in rear fill position

Tubulator in side fill position

Patented folding and swivelling “U” shaped elevating belt able to be used in a rear fill side fill or anywhere in-between

Hobbs Hoists stands are avaibale as as option to suit any bin


Fast and efficient loader for air-seeders and combines, 40 row wide lines can be filled from one position.

Patented folding and swivelling “U” shaped elevating belt. Able to handle all types of seed and fertilizer without cracking and damaging.

Seed bin completely self-emptying. Super and urea bins have separate simple hinged bottom doors to allow cleaning and maintenance on cross auger.

Two electric actuators operate seed and super doors by a hand held control box with a 4500mm lead for extra reach. Hydraulic operated rams open and shut cut off doors inside of both super and Urea bins which are operated from the same control box.

Simple, efficient direct coupled hydraulic motor drives unit fitted with 21 H/P Vanguard Electric Start Motor. Optional motors are available.

The Bin has three separate independently operated waterproof lids to avoid product contamination.

Bin 21' Triple Bin 24' Triple Bin
Bin Length (overall)  metres  metres
Bin Width 2400mm 2400mm
Chassis Width    
Fill Height    
Overall Height 2185mm 2185mm
Lid Opening    
Side Reach     90 Degrees to Bin 4000mm 90 Degrees to Bin 4000mm
Rear Reach 3600mm 3600mm
Height under Discharge Head 2030mm from Truck Tray 2030mm from Truck Tray
Folded Height 2730mm from Truck Tray 2730mm from Truck Tray
Conveyer Dimensions Tube Size 8" 200mm Tube Size 8" 200mm
  Belt Width 12" 300mm Belt Width 12" 300mm
Seed Capacity   63 Bags approx. 5.25 Ton Wheat 63 Bags approx. 5.25 Ton Wheat
Fertiliser Capacity 6.50 Ton Single Super 6.50 Ton Single Super
Urea Capacity 4.50 Ton Urea 4.50 Ton Urea
Weight (approximate)    


15' & 17' Double compartment bin also available

For more information please contact us 

Phone: 08 8821 1196

40 Moonta Road

Kadina South Australia 5554

The manufacturer reserves the right to change specification without notice or incurring obligation. Information contained herein is from data available at time of publishing. Photos are for illustration purposes only

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