10,000 Litre Cestari Chaser Bin

MODEL 10,650 comes complete with Roll Top Tarp, New 18.4 x 30 10 Ply Tractor Lug Type Tyres and PTO Drive. Holds Approximately 10 Ton of Wheat Fitted with 340mm (13”) unloading Auger which takes approximately 3 minutes to unload. Fitted with revolving light and oversize sign.


Heavy Duty Roll over Tarp fitted to bin External & Internal Ladders. Rear ladder folds up keeping wit well out of the way when not in use Door can be used to load an auger hopper for filling larger silos. Or for emergency cleanout in case of auger failure.
Heavy Duty Gearbox and simple cleanout slide at the base of the discharge auger

Hydraulic cylinder for shut of door. The door allows the bin to be unloaded at any speed. The door also stop compaction of grain into the sweep flight while the bin is loaded and travelling.

Organiser for hoses and light cables. One pair of the hoses for the hydraulic folding auger & the other pair for shut of covers for floor auger
340mm (13") discharge auger unloads at approximately 5 ton per minute. Fitted with grain recovery tray under auger hinge Height adjustable drawbar Wide wing I Beam axle 200x200 fitted with heavy duty 8 stud hubs

Optional Scales can be fitted.     One of the two load cells fitted between the axle and the bin with .05% accuracy.

Optional Scales can be fitted. Tow hitch mounted load cell Oversize Sign & Revolving lights fitted to bin
Work light fitted to the discharge auger for night time work. 8 Stud Heavy Duty Hubs 9000 Litre Cestari bin in use
Large viewing window fitted to the front of the bin Discharge auger is fitted with spring leaded top bearing in case auger is folded out and flighting is not in correct position Tow hitch fitted to the rear of the bin for towing augers or portable bins for on farm use only (check legal requirements in your state) Jack fitted to front of bin allows quick disconnection from tractor


Weight 1,400Kg on wheels
Capacity  10,000 litres
Maximum Load 8,500 kg
Discharge Auger 340mm (13") diameter Auger with a discharge rate up to 4 ton per minute. Fitted with hydraulic raise & lower. 
Unloading Time Approximately 3 minutes
Discharge Height Discharge Height under spout 4,300mm
Unloading Upper Side, power take off - Mid side, power take off - Lower manual (by gravity)
Discharge Auger Cover Hydraulic ram controlled shut off slide covers auger flight allowing bin to be unloaded at any speed
Hydraulics Requires one pair of hydraulics for the hydraulic folding auger
Axles Wide wing I Beam 140mm x 140mm fitted with heavy duty 8 stud hubs
Wheels DW20x30 8 Stud Rims
Tyres 18.4 x 30 10 Ply Tractor Lug Type Tyres
PTO Shaft Telescopic PTO Shaft with safety covers and shear pin to prevent breakage
Gear Box Heavy duty gearbox with forged steel and oil coated gears
Recommended Tractor  40 to 60 H/P Tractor on firm ground 60 to 80 H/P Tractor on soft ground
Cleanout Simple cleanout door fitted to the bottom of the bin
Signs and Lights Over size sign and revolving light. 
Roll Tarp Complete with Heavy Duty Roll Top Tarp. 
Work Light Work light mounted by the discharge spout
Sight Glass Sight glass fitted to the front of the bin
Ladders Fitted with a front external ladder
Optional Scales Electronic scales with .05% accuracy can be fitted as an option. Two weigh cells under the axle & one between the tow hitch and the bin.
Optional Folding Chute Electronically controlled folding chute on end of discharge auger
Optional Quad View Monitor with 3 cameras Optional 9” Quad view monitor with 3 Camera’s mounted on the Bin, one on the end of the discharge chute, one inside the bin and one at the rear of the bin

Optional 9" LCD Quad View Colour Digital Touchscreen Monitor

Single, Dual, Triple, Quad-View & Picture in Picture Functions Suitable for up to 4 Waterproof Cameras

  • Touchscreen with fingertip operation
  • Day / Night brightness controls
  • Supplied with centre mount support bracket and U bracket
  • Operates from 10-32 Volts
  • Supplied with 6 metre power supply cable
  • Brightness, colour, contrast, volume & sharp can be separately adjusted
  • Vennings recommend fitting one camera on the discharge auger one camera in the bin and one on the rear of the bin for road transport

Click here for more information on monitors and cameras.


For more information please contact us

Phone: 08 8821 1196

Office / Postal Address

40 Moonta Road

Kadina South Australia 5554

The manufacturer reserves the right to change specification without notice or incurring obligation. Information contained herein is from data available at time of publishing. Photos are for illustration purposes only

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