Cole Seed & Super Unit with Steel Lids made by Vennings

Illustrated 16' Bin with Steel Lids with option of roll tarp

Both independently operated lids to eliminate contamination are operated from the rear of the bin Two work lights fitted to the bin Light switch near motor operates lights
Discharge and sweep augers can be put in and out of gear from the combine or air seeder. Above picture showing auger out of gear. Above picture showing auger handle in gear. Discharge and sweep augers can also be put in and out of gear from the handles on the side of the bin.
Clutch drive for sweep & discharge augers out of gear All moving parts are guarded for your protection & peace of mind. Clutch drive for sweep auger mesh guarded so you are able to see what is going on under the cover.
Manual 1:1 winch for winching augers into position. Winch kit for winching augers into position and supporting the augers while in use 13 H/P Vanguard Electric Start Motor with Battery fitted standard on 14-18' Bins.
Augers supports to support auger in transport position Heavy duty hinges with heavy duty springs to assist in folding augers PVC spouts available in 1200mm closed 2300mm opened or 600mm closed 1100mm opened
Hobbs Hoists stands are avaibale as as option to suit any bin


The Cole seed and super unit comes in a variety of sizes from 14' to 18' long. With individually opening lids, separately operated augers and totally enclosed compartments the unit is free of any contamination unless operator error. Ideal for air-seeders and combines alike, the longer top auger and bigger tube make the bin even easier to use. Discharging at a rate of over 500 kilograms of super per minute, filling an air-seeder or combine is a quick and hassle free experience.

Both 163mm (6 3/8”) Augers are hinged for ease of transport. Both augers are PVC lined to prevent super build-up. A winch is fitted for raising & lowering of augers. Each bin is fitted with a large swivelling trapdoor at the bottom for quick unloading and cleaning. Augers can be run simultaneously or individually. 14-18' Bins powered by a 13 H/P Vanguard Electric start motor with option of Honda. Painted interior and work lights standard on all units

Bin 14’ Bin 16’ Bin 16’ Bin 18’ Bin 18’ Bin
Bin Configuration 7' + 7' 8' + 8' 9' + 7' 9' + 9' 10' + 8'
Bin Length (overall) 4.85 M 5.35 M 5.35 M 5.95 M 5.95 M
Chassis Length 4.50 M 5.00 M 5.00 M 5.60 M 5.60 M
Bin Width 2.40 M 2.40 M 2.40 M 2.40 M 2.40 M
Chassis Width 2.12 M 2.12 M 2.12 M 2.12 M 2.12 M
Fill Height 1.84/2.15 M 1.84/2.15 M 1.84/2.15 M 1.84/2.15 M 1.84/2.15 M
Overall Height 2.15 M 2.15 M 2.15 M 2.15 M 2.15 M
Lid Opening 1.92 M 2.30 M 2.60/2.00 M 2.59 M 2.89/2.30 M
Auger Discharge Height from truck Tray (measurement taken from steel outlet to truck tray height) 2.30 M 2.30 M 2.30 M 2.30 M 2.30 M
Auger Discharge Reach from truck Tray (measurement taken from steel outlet to truck tray) 2.40 M 2.40 M 2.40 M 2.40 M 2.40 M
Seed Capacity 6.8m³ 8.2m³ 6.8m³/8.9m³ 8.9m³ 8.9m³/9.7m³
Fertiliser Capacity 6.8m³ 8.2 m³ 6.8m³/8.9m³ 8.9m³ 8.9m³/9.7m³
Weight (approximate)          


Approximate Grain and Fertilizer Capacities per Cubic Metre (M³)

  Approximate Ton Per Cubic Metre (M³)
Wheat 0.82
Barley 0.67
Oats 0.58
MAP/DAP 0.85
Urea 0.67
Single Super 1.20


To work out capacity of the 16' (8' + 8') Bin holds 8.2 (M³) 

Wheat 0.82 / M³ X 8.2 M³ = 6.72 Ton

MAP/DAP 0.85 / M³ X 8.2 M³ = 6.97 Ton 

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Kadina South Australia 5554

The manufacturer reserves the right to change specification without notice or incurring obligation. Information contained herein is from data available at time of publishing. Photos are for illustration purposes only


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