Vennings 4" & 5" Pencil Grain Auger

Illustrated 20' X 4" Auger on standard adjustable height frame with motor and cover fitted 

Although very basic, our 4" & 5" augers are fantastic for shifting small volumes of grains and materials.  Especially good for hammer mills and grain cleaners. 4" augers capable of 2-3 bags/minute, 5" augers capable of 4-5 bags/minute.

All the augers include belt, pulleys, pulley cover motor mount and bottom support.

1, 1.5, 2 & 3 H/P electric motors are available.  1440 RPM totally enclosed fan cooled, capacitor start and overload protected.  The motor is pre-wired with approximately 2 metres of flex.  

Auger Size 4" Recommended Motor Size Auger Size 5" Recommended Motor Size
10' X 4" 1 H/P 10' X 5" 1 H/P
15' X 4" 1 H/P 15' X 5" 1 H/P
20' X 4" 1 1/2 H/P 20' X 5" 1 1/2 H/P
25' X 4" 1 1/2 H/P 25' X 5" 2 H/P
30' X 4" 2 H/P 30' X 5" 3 H/P
* Recommended minimum motor size.  FOR PEAS AND LUPINS we suggest going to the next sized motor.


A choice of three different frames are available, they are a fixed stand, a mobile stand and an adjustable frame.

Fixed Stand fixed height frame with hopper and motor fitted. Available for 10' 15' & 20' Augers only Mobile Stand fixed height frame with wheels hopper and motor fitted. Available for 10' 15' & 20' Augers only Standard adjustable height frame with wheels and motor fitted. Available for 15' & 20' Augers only



The fixed stand is as the name would suggest, set in position with the auger. There is some adjustment in the height, however, for this to be adjusted; it would mean physically adjusting the clamp that holds the auger in place. The frame is an A frame with one support rod, extending to the base of the auger.  This is ideal if you do not intend to move the auger on a regular basis. Suitable for 10', 15' & 20' Augers only

The mobile stand is as above, however it has wheels to manoeuvre around the area. The height is not adjustable, excluding the adjustment of the clamp.  Ideal if you require to move the auger regularly from a hammer mill to a small silo. Suitable for 10', 15' & 20' Augers only

This is the most convenient model available.  The unit has two 4-008 wheel barrow wheels for moving, (NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE) and a winch and slide to adjust the height of the auger.  The height can be further adjusted by moving the frame up or down the auger.  Suitable for 15' & 20' Augers only


An option of steel or plastic hoppers are available to attach.

If you require a telescopic spout to deliver the grain, a round outlet can be added making the attaching of a telescopic spout easier.

PVC Telescopic spout available with flexible hose and clamps, Available in 1200mm (4 foot) that extends to approximately 2300mm (7' 8") or 600mm (2 foot) that extends to approximately 1100mm (3' 8")


For more information please contact us 

Phone: 08 8821 1196 

Office / Postal Address

40 Moonta Road

Kadina South Australia 5554

The manufacturer reserves the right to change specification without notice or incurring obligation.  Information contained herein is from data available at time of publishing.  Photos are for illustration purposes only

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