Galvanised Grain Silos

Illustrated 30, 80 & 156 Offset Cone Galvanised Seed Silos

Galvanised Centre Delivery Silo                                  All lids are operational from the Ground

Manufactured from Galvanised 1.6mm steel sheet. No overlapping of steel, all welds are butt joined and cold galvanised painted to reduce rusting. No joints to harbour weevils. Fitted with a galvanised external ladder. All silos have a 250mm round butterfly opening that is 600mm form the ground. Large 825mm square lid opening operated from the ground. Please refer to table below for different sizes available.

Offset Cone Size Specifications

      Approximate Capacity in Tons
Approximate Size Height Width Wheat Barley Canola Lupins Oats
30 Bag 2670mm 1753mm 2.50        
37 Bag 2970mm 1753mm 3.08        
52 Bag 2745mm 2133mm 4.33        
67 Bag 3050mm 2440mm 5.58        
80 Bag 3350mm 2440mm 6.66        
106 Bag 3960mm 2440mm 8.83        
130 Bag 4570mm 2440mm 10.83        
156 Bag 5180mm 2440mm 13.00        


Centre Delivery Cone Size Specifications

      Approximate Capacity in Tons
Approximate Size Height Width Wheat Barley Canola Lupins Oats
57 Bag 3400mm 2133mm 4.75        
67 Bag 3710mm 2133mm 5.58        
78 Bag 3760mm            
89 Bag 4320mm 2133mm 7.41        
92 Bag 4040mm 2440mm 7.66        
120 Bag 4650mm 2440mm 10.00        
148 Bag 5260mm 2440mm 12.33        


Please note capacity / cubic metre varies significantly according to moisture content and variety

Vennings have used the following chart to calculate bin capacity

Content Approximate Ton Per Cubic Metre (M³)
Wheat 0.82
Barley 0.63
Canola 0.69
Lupins 0.77
Oats 0.58


For more information please contact us

Phone: 08 8821 1196 

Office / Postal Address

40 Moonta Road

Kadina South Australia 5554

The manufacturer reserves the right to change specification without notice or incurring obligation. Information contained herein is from data available at time of publishing. Photos are for illustration purposes only

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